Blumenfeld Piano Duo


The Blumenfeld Piano Duo was created in 2017 by two brilliant solo pianists : Dmytro Sukhovienko and Aäron Wajnberg.

The name of the duo refers to Mr. Felix Blumenfeld, an outstanding Ukranian pianist, conductor, composer and teacher of some of the greatest pianists of all times.

Both Dmytro and Aaron studied with descendants of the Blumenfeld school, the name given to the particular way of playing that Felix Blumenfeld taught. Vladimir Horowitz was one of the famous students of Blumenfeld.

Dmytro Sukhovienko studied in Kiev with a descendant of the Blumenfeld school, Vsevolod Vorobyev and Aäron Wajnberg studied with Leonid Margarius, also a descendant of the Blumenfeld school. The common playing technique made both artists decide to work together on a repertoire of masterpieces for two pianos. As the Blumenfeld schooling was the common denominator, it seems obvious that the name of the duo would refer to that important teacher. Hence the Blumenfeld piano duo was born.

The Blumenfeld Piano Duo played a successful debut at the Madeira Piano Festival 2017. It allowed the young duo to show the amazing magical power of the sound of two pianos.

In 2018, The Blumenfeld Piano Duo will play at a festive concert in honor of the Day of the King of Belgium in the Kiev Philharmonic in Ukraine. The King’s day commemoration is an organisation of the Belgian Embassy for Ukraine in Kiev, supported by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the 2019-2020 season 2019-2020 the repertoire of the Blumenfeld Piano Duo consists of works by Bach, Shostakovich, Glass, Piazzolla and Ravel.