A passion for music has materialised in Gelber, short for Gelber Music management, a company representing brilliant musicians, performers and composers.

Gelber was founded in 2014 as a result of three different worlds coming together : music, management and marketing. A young professional pianist an experienced business manager and a marketing and advertisement specialist brainstormed their way into the creation of a music/musicians management company with an approach that is different from quite a lot of it's collegues/competitors.

The three enthusiastic music lovers shaped their ideas for Gelber around three topics :


1- Top quality performers that are guaranteed to provide the best possible experience to their audience, and provide them with every kind of support they might possibly need.

2- Promotion of Classical music/musicians making extensive use of social media and other modern communication channels and assisting Gelber musicians in their digital/social adventures.

3- Involvement :  not just managing an artist, providing business and administrative support, but aiding in career planning, supplying production support, and getting him/her involved with other artists to create new ensembles and new musical opportunities

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